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Commercial & REsidential Marble Restoration

Our experts can return your natural stone floors to their former glory. Each floor will require a unique solution based on the stone type, foot traffic wear patterns, and any concerns resulting from improper installation, environmental or product damage. Our professionals use a variety of industry-leading procedures to restore your stone floors to a like-new condition.


Our grinding technique involves the sanding of a surface with abrasives (diamond discs) to remove a thin layer of stone so as to bring the floor to a perfectly smooth surface. Through this process, we ensure the surfaces are left with a high gloss shine that stands up to heavy foot traffic and is resistant to scratches and/or stains.

Polishing / Honing

Our Honing technique grinds the natural stone surface and removes the natural shine leaving a matte surface with little to no reflection which is perfect for floors, staircases, and other locations where significant foot activity is expected. Our polishing technique on the other hand results in a highly reflective and shiny surface that accentuates the brilliance of the natural stone’s hues as well as its individuality.

Chip and Crack Repair

Natural stone cracks and chips can form over time due to a variety of circumstances ranging from structural movement to unintentional damage. To repair the damaged areas, we employ high-quality epoxy resins that are color-matched on-site. Typically, repairs are ground, leveled, and resurfaced to resemble the surrounding stone. Our objective is to produce repairs that are durable, long-lasting, and completely unnoticeable to anybody who was not aware of the initial harm.

Stain Removal

Did you scrape or discolour your natural stone surface by accident? Do you wish to restore the original look of your marble surfaces? Look no further coz we restore all natural stone surfaces to their original condition by removing scratches and stains through our cutting-edge techniques.

Lippage Removal

Although the lippage removal procedure is fairly complicated and needs the assistance of a skilled company, we have a competent team to handle it. We remove the marble’s ledges and make sure the surface is smooth or level. To ensure that your marble and tile surfaces are completely level and bring out the beauty of your floor, our lippage removal solution is crucial in getting rid of floor stains and severe scratches. Before polishing a marble surface, stone, or floor, lippage on the tiles must be removed. Before polishing, you must ensure that your surfaces are flat.

Grout Renewal

High Class Marble’s grout cleaning professionals are committed to saving you time and money by providing superior marble and stone restoration services. We know all of the techniques for removing tough grout stains, and our tile cleaning services are the most effective in town! You can count on our skilled team to restore the sparkle to your tile areas.


Porous surfaces, which include many varieties of natural stone, tile, grout, terrazzo, pavers, and other applications, feature microscopic pores that trap dirt, filth, allergies, spills, and other objects that can detract from the surface’s look. Sealer fills up the microscopic pores in the surface, allowing undesired items to be easily cleaned or wiped away before they can permeate the surface. Sealing and protection are especially vital in high-traffic commercial spaces such as retail store entrances, office halls, conference rooms, and break rooms, restaurant bar, and waiting areas, and home kitchens, baths, and entrances. High Class Marble specializes in stain prevention as well as marble/stone polishing and repair. We offer natural stone sealing solutions for floors, worktops, and other surfaces in commercial and residential buildings and yachts. If your marble requires natural stone sealing, High Class Marble will restore it to its former glory.

Our Services

Commercial Marble Restoration & Maintenance

A commercial facility with marble floors or tabletops may provide a substantial level of professionalism and luxury. Having luxurious marble produces an elegant and clean environment, whether you are investing in hotel management or running a bar or restaurant.

With such an investment in exquisite natural stone, the marble must be carefully maintained and cannot be allowed to degrade. You can partially avoid stains and damage to the marble by performing frequent correct care, but this can accumulate over time, and you’ll need to call a High Class Marble for a non-invasive and cost-effective service plan for your building’s marble maintenance. We provide free consultations and specialize in the cleaning, restoration, and maintenance of natural stones such as granite, marble, terrazzo, limestone, and onyx.

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Residential Marble Restoration & Maintenance

Don’t risk inflicting more significant damage by letting anybody repair the natural stone in your home. High Class Mable is the company to call if you need natural stone/marble repair and maintenance for a residential property. Your natural stones are in excellent hands with us. Call us right away!

Our Services

Marble & Stone Maintenance

Marble or Stone flooring can be a great choice for all different styles of both residential (homes) and commercial, but you will need to care for your investment if you want it to last. Fortunately, the Natural Stone Flooring care pros at High Class Marble provide a variety of superior marble and stone care services such as cleaning tile floors, polishing marble surfaces, and applying high-quality travertine sealer. Our professionals have the necessary experience and skill to take care of your flooring needs, so you can expect that your stone flooring will be in top shape for many years to come.